A vhe'viin was a species of small rodent native to the Outer Rim world of Mandalore. While the quick-moving vhe'viin was a burrowing creature most often seen covered in coats of tan fur, vhe'viine were known to change the color of their fur to white when living amidst a snow-covered region. The tiny rodents were a common sight on Mandalore, and developed a reputation for infiltrating fields of grain in large groups, feeding on an unlucky Mandalorian farmer's crop.

Biology and appearance[edit | edit source]

A species of small, non-sentient rodents, vhe'viine were indigenous to the planet Mandalore,[1] located in the region of the galaxy known as the Outer Rim Territories.[3] The tiny creatures were blanketed in a pelt of tan-colored fur[1] that turned white in winter to better allow the vhe'viine to blend with snow on the ground. Vhe'viine were burrowing animals that displayed a curious disposition toward their environment,[2] and had a dietary preference for grain, which put them at odds with Mandalorian farmers who grew the crop.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Over time, vhe'viine developed a reputation for invading the fields of Mandalorian farmers in packs, stealing grain from their crop for their own consumption.[1] A number of vhe'viine lived around the vicinity of the Skirata clan home, Kyrimorut, and a group of the curious creatures bared witness to the reconciliation of Mandalorian soldier Kal Skirata and his daughter, Ruusaan.[2] The members of Clan Skirata also carved a number of toys out of veshok wood for a young Venku Skirata, and included among them was a toy vhe'viin.[4]

In the year 41 ABY, Jedi Knight Jaina Solo journeyed to Mandalore to seek the aid of Mand'alor Boba Fett in defeating her brother, Jacen, after he turned to the dark side and became a Sith Lord. When she was taken to meet Fett at the Oyu'baat cantina in Mandalore's capital city of Keldabe, Solo came across a vhe'viin scurrying over the floor of the ancient tapcaf. Not long after, Fett encounted another vhe'viin while visiting the headquarters of MandalMotors, and noted that with the period of economic resurgence the planet had been enjoying, the vhe'viine living around Mandalore's farming areas were able to capitalize on the farmers' prosperity for themselves, pilfering grain from the fields.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The vhe'viin rodent was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in eighth entry in the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force novel series, Revelation, written by author Karen Traviss and published February 26, 2008.[1] Traviss would again feature the vhe'viin again her fourth entry into the Republic Commando novel series, Order 66, later that year.[2] The vhe'viin also appeared briefly in the sequel to Order 66, entitled Imperial Commando: 501st, wherein it was featured as a wooden toy.[4]

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