A traditional Mandalorian vheh'yaim

A vheh'yaim was a traditional Mandalorian dwelling, designed to be easily built for temporary living quarters, whether "temporary" amounted to a single night or several years.[1] Vheh'yaime varied in size; a small vheh'yaim, measuring anywhere from three to fifteen meters across, was known as an akaata'yaim.[2] Circular and dome-like in shape, vheh'yaime were often constructed out of green wood, woven with vines and matted with mud,[1] grass, and tree bark, providing natural camouflage.[2] A typical vheh'yaim was partially submerged in the ground,[3] with a sunken entrance and a cut-in stairwell accessway.[2] Vheh'yaime frequently included an armory, kitchen, and infirmary, in addition to living quarters.[2][3]

The Mandalorians of Clan Awaud constructed a large vheh'yaim, fifty meters wide, for their clan's senior members and chieftain to reside in. Deemed "Clan Home," it was joined by numerous smaller akaata'yaim in the settlement of Arumorut on Vlemoth Port.[2] Kyrimorut, the home of Clan Skirata on the planet Mandalore in the years following the Clone Wars, was another example of a large vheh'yaim.[3] Decades later, during the time of the Second Galactic Civil War, several vheh'yaime were also set up across the farm of Mandalorian soldiers Goran Beviin and Medrit Vasur, near the Mandalorian capital city of Keldabe, in addition to the main stone farmhouse. These outbuildings were interconnected by underground tunnels.[4]

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The vheh'yaim was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in Karen Traviss' Star Wars Insider article The Mandalorians: People and Culture, published in February of 2006 as part of the magazine's eight-sixth issue.[1] The following year, Traviss included a large vheh'yaim in the form of Kyrimorut in the third entry in her Republic Commando novel series, True Colors.[3] Order 66 and Imperial Commando: 501st, the series' sequels to True Colors, both featured further appearances of the Kyrimorut vheh'yaim.[5][6] Traviss later included several vheh'yaime in two of her contributions to the multi-author Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series, Sacrifice[4] and Revelation.[7] The roleplaying game adventure book Friends Like These, published on December 8, 2016 by Fantasy Flight Games, also featured vheh'yaime. In addition, Friends Like These introduced the term "akaata'yaim," a designation for smaller vheh'yaime.[2]

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