The Vibre-class assault cruiser was a starship specifically designed for commerce raiding by the Galactic Empire.

History[edit | edit source]

One of the first solo projects produced by Silviut Corporation,[1] Silviut was tasked by the Empire to create a vessel (contrary to Imperial doctrine) whose primary purpose was to capture vessels rather than destroy them.[2] The result was the Vibre-class, which represented the first in a new class of Imperial "assault cruisers".[3]

Commonly deployed against New Republic convoys and their escorts,[1] the Vibre-class turned into one of the most effective ships used by the Empire following its collapse.[2]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Sleek and scarab-shaped, the Vibre was smaller and generally packed less firepower than most warships; the vibre compensated for these shortcomings with superior design and stealth capabilities, operating as an ambush and fast-assault craft.[3] Using the sensitive sensor antenna that ringed the ships median, Vibre pilots located and identified targets at range before using their stealth capabilities to close the distance.[2] While not foolproof, the Vibre sported matte-black stealth plating and sensor masks that allowed it to close within firing distance before it was detected.[2][1]

The Vibre's primary armament were four heavy ion cannons, which were turreted to maximize firing arcs.[1] The Vibre depended on these cannons to disable ships too large for it to destroy outright, and was fully capable of disabling or driving away the heavily armed and shielded escort ships that accompanied New Republic convoys.[3]

With its target disabled, the Vibre could use its laser weaponry to precisely target and cripple enemy systems, as well as to blast a hole in a target's hull for boarding.[3] Equipped with powerful tractor beams, the Vibre would pull itself flush to a target before debarking its compliment of spacetroopers from a pair of assault bays.[3][1]

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Vibre-class schematics.

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