The vibro-arbir blade was a melee weapon used by the Seventh Guard of Supreme Leader Snoke's Elite Praetorian Guard. It was a handheld vibroblade that was resistant to lightsaber strikes.


The Seventh Guard with joined vibro-arbir blades.

Like all the weapons used by the Elite Praetorian Guard to defend Supreme Leader Snoke, the high-tech arbir blade was formed from tempered metal and was connected to a compact ultrasonic generator that created a high-frequency vibration across the cutting edge, increasing its deadliness. Parallel to the edge of the blade was an electro-plasma filament that created an energy blade able to parry a lightsaber. A pair of individual vibro-arbir blades could be joined together at the handle to create a double-bladed sword.[1]


In 34 ABY, the Seventh Guard carried his vibro-arbir blades aboard Snoke's flagship the Supremacy while the First Order was pursuing the Resistance Fleet. Sometime later, when Kylo Ren brought the Force-sensitive scavenger Rey before Snoke, the Seventh Guard used his vibro-arbir blades to battle Rey and Ren after the latter had killed the Supreme Leader. Their weapons proved to be no match for Rey's and Ren's lightsabers, resulting in the death of all the guards.[2]




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