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A vibro-ax,[1] or vibro-axe,[4] was a type of ax that used a compact generator to create vibrations along the cutting edge's surface, which significantly increased the weapon's lethality.[1] There existed one-handed[2] and two-handed models.[3] Similar vibration-based technology could be found in vibro-blades, vibro-knives,[4] vibro-pikes,[5] and vibro-lances.[6]

Vibro-axes were wielded by many thugs across the galaxy. The pig-like Gamorreans, for example, often used them.[1] During the Galactic Civil War, some Gamorrean mercenaries favored a particular model of vibro-ax known as Arg'garok[7]

Bounty hunter Ketsu Onyo owned a staff that was equipped with a vibro-ax on the end of it for close-range combat.[8]

The Weequay Pagetti Rook wielded a BD-1 Cutter vibro-ax during his service under Jabba the Hutt.[3]

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