The vibro-voulge was a staff with a blade placed on the top used by two of the First Order's Elite Praetorian Guard who served Supreme Leader Snoke aboard his flagship the Supremacy. They were high-tech weapons resistant to lightsaber blows.


Like all the other high-tech weapons used by the Elite Praetorian Guard to defend Supreme Leader Snoke, the tempered metal blade of the vibro-voulge was connected to a compact ultrasonic generator that created a high-frequency vibration across the cutting edge, which increased its lethality in the process. Parallel to this, there was an electro-plasma filament that created an energised blade capable of parrying a lightsaber. However, unlike most the of Elite Praetorian Guard's weapons, the vibro-voulge had a power cell in the base of the hilt.[1]


A pair of Elite Praetorian Guards standing guard with vibro-voulges

In 34 ABY, two of the Elite Praetorian Guards carried their vibro-voulges aboard Snoke's flagship the Supremacy when General Armitage Hux and Kylo Ren of the First Order went to talk with Snoke about their failure. When Ren attempted to attack Snoke for his taunting, one of the guards activated his vibro-voulge in response. Sometime later, when the Force-sensitive scavenger Rey was taken by Ren to Snoke, the Praetorian Guards used their vibro-voulges along with their other weapons to combat Rey and Ren after the latter had killed Snoke. Their vibro-voulges were no match for Rey's and Kylo's lightsabers, resulting in the deaths of all the guards. One of the vibro-voulge wielding guards was the first to die, impaled by Rey's blue blade. The second managed to last longer, but perished also when Kylo Ren rammed his blade through the guard's chest before tossing his body into a reactor.[2]




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