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"You know the one about bringing a vibroblade to a blaster fight?"
"Is it supposed to be funny?"
"Not for the one who brings the vibroblade."
Has Obitt and a crew chief[src]

A vibroblade (also styled as vibro-blade[3][4]) was a bladed knife used for basic utility needs or as a melee weapon.


"You establish supremacy like we showed you, by concentrating all the force at your command on one point, hammering away like you would with a vibroblade, through armor like you would through scales or cartilage or bone, and you show no quarter."
Jova Tarkin to Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

The vibroblade[2][5] was used either as an offensive weapon that could be hammered into an opponent's defenses,[1] or as a utility device.[2] The weapon buzzed,[6] thrummed, and glowed ember-hot when ignited[7] and, when tasked to cut, could be used as a crude surgical implement capable of cutting into an animal's innards.[1] They were also capable of punching through the plastoid armor of a stormtrooper.[6] Such weapons were often kept in sheaths[1][8] or scabbards.[4]


Halfed Commando Droid

A BX-series droid commando with a vibrosword

The bounty hunter Jango Fett had vibroblades hidden in his gauntlets.[9] The Rodian Tsoklo owned a utility vibroblade which he kept for personal defense.[2] The Twi'lek Hera Syndulla also owned a vibroblade while on the planet Gorse.[10] Vibroswords[11] were used by BX-series droid commandos[12] and their command units.[11] The blades were carried as concealed weapons by the Royal Guard of the Galactic Empire.[8] Mister Bones was fitted with a concealed vibroblade at the end of one arm.[6] Gallius Rax kept a pair of sickle-shaped vibroblades, attached by a golden chain and etched with ornate scrollwork, in his quarters aboard the Ravager.[7] As of the era of the Napkin Bombing, the latest models of vibroblades were considered sophisticated.[13] The Weequay pirate Scorza kept a high-density vibro-blade in a scabbard, and used it in battle against Sidon Ithano.[4]


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