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A vibrocutlass was a type of vibro weapon,[1] consisting of a curved blade attached to a wide handle.[2] Toht Ra, an attendant aboard the First Light, the yacht of the crime lord Dryden Vos, owned a vibrocutlass. Employed by Vos to confiscate guests' weapons upon boarding the First Light, Ra kept his vibrocutlass nearby in case of trouble.[1]

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In the new Star Wars canon, the vibrocutlass was first mentioned on a card within Legacies, a card pack for the game Star Wars: Destiny[2] released in February of 2018,[3] which featured artwork by Joel Hustak.[2] When posting the card's artwork on Instagram, Hustak identified the pictured vibrocutlass as belonging to Hondo Ohnaka,[4] though this information is not mentioned on the Destiny card.[2]

In the Star Wars Legends continuity, the vibrocutlass was first mentioned in Star Wars Miniatures Battles, a core rulebook for the West End Games tabletop game system of the same name written by Stephen Crane and Paul Murphy and published in 1991.[5]

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