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A vibrodagger, or vibro-dagger, was a knife-like vibroweapon.


As with all vibroweapons, the vibrodagger used an energy cell to create rapid vibrations, which increased its cutting capability with little effort from the wielder. The blade also possessed enough balance to be used as a throwing weapon. It was favored by assassins and petty thugs,[1] as well as spies, including the Bothan spies and saboteurs.[2] Some outlaws groups, such as swoop gang members,[2] are also known to have utilized the weapon.

Similar variants of the vibrodagger were the vibroknife, the AKraB vibrodagger, and the silent LaserHone Talon vibrodagger.


Sugi's vibrodagger

Vibrodaggers were carried as backup melee weapons by Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Shock Troopers.[3] During the Clone Wars, the blade was wielded by clone shadow troopers and assassins of the Grand Army of the Republic.[4] The Corporate Sector Authority had both Human and droid assassins who used vibrodaggers.[5] Zabrak bounty hunter Sugi also utilized vibrodaggers in her arsenal, as did fellow hunter Aurra Sing. In addition, Notluwiski Papanoida used a vibrodagger against Greedo at Jabba's Palace. Sabé, who served as handmaiden and bodyguard for Queen Amidala was proficient with a vibrodagger.[6]

Phase I dark troopers of the Galactic Empire used vibrodaggers that had a paralyzing effect. During the Imperial era, assassins working for Imperial Intelligence used high-powered vibrodaggers. For example, the Noghri Death Commandos made deadly use of the blade as both a melee and throwing weapon.[7] Though the technology behind these blades is not known in detail, the design was derived from research into metallic worms named the Raen sovra.[8] Agents of the Imperial Security Bureau were also known to make use of specialized vibrodaggers. During the time of the Galactic Civil War, a citizen risked his life to prevent an escaped Yuzzem prisoner from hijacking a local transport and possibly killing dozens of other citizens. In appreciation for his actions, the ISB saw to it that the hero receive a replica of the special ISB vibrodagger.[9]

One model of vibrodagger during the Galactic Civil War was the LaserHone Talon vibrodagger. This model was often carried by Imperial Storm commandos.

During the New Jedi Order era, the SD-X-series stealth battle droid was constructed with concealed vibrodaggers as one of its weapons.[10]



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