A vibroknuckler or vibro knuckler was a weapon that was worn on an individual's fist and provided the wielder's punches with extra power. The Sayormi possessed a variant of this weapon known as the Sayormi Heartstriker.


The vibroknuckler had four miniature vibro-blades on the front, which provided extra piercing and slashing power. The casing of the weapon provided some concealment of the blades, as it was not uncommon for the very tips of the blades to peek out from between the backs of the knuckles. The wielder could activate the weapon with a squeeze of the fist. Vibroknucklers required an energy cell to operate properly, though the weapon could still be used unpowered with slightly diminished force.

Though restricted in most systems, vibroknucklers were commonly found across the galaxy. Many mercenaries and pirates used them as a last resort in a hard battle, especially since an attempt to disarm them would likely prove fatal.



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