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"Captain Sloane?!"
"That's Vice Admiral Sloane, now."
Kanan Jarrus and Rae Sloane[4]

Vice Admiral was a rank in the hierarchy of various navies. A vice admiral was senior to a Rear Admiral and junior to an admiral.[1]

In the early days of the Galactic Empire, Rampart held the position of Vice Admiral.[5] Other known holders of the rank included Dodd Rancit and Terrinald Screed, both part of the Naval Intelligence Agency. However, Rancit was found to have been aiding a group of dissidents and was executed.[1] Rae Sloane held the rank of vice admiral in the years following the Gorse Conflict.[4] Perwin Gedde was a Vice Admiral who went AWOL sometime after the Battle of Endor.[3]

During the Cold War, Amilyn Holdo was a vice admiral in the Resistance navy.[6]



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