"Have you heard the news? The Sith Holocron has been stolen!"
―Hran Beling to Dooku[src]

The Vicon were a sentient species that grew to a height of only one meter. They had long noses, which twitched. Hran Beling was a male Vicon who was training at the Coruscant Jedi Temple as a youngling in 89 BBY. That year, the Dark Holocron was stolen from the Temple, and Beling conveyed this news to one of his contemporaries at the Temple, Dooku, speculating that there could have been an intruder in the building. Beling later competed with Dooku in a challenge against another team of Jedi trainees to secure a piece of muja fruit from a market, although the Vicon was stunned unconscious by the other team.[1]

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The Vicon were created by Jude Watson for her novel Legacy of the Jedi, published by Del Rey in 2003. The novel also mentions the planet Vicondor, but it did not link the Vicon to the planet.[1]

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