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The Victory I-class Star Destroyer was a model of the Victory-class Star Destroyer line that was used by the Galactic Republic. Plagued by design issues that caused constant maintenance, it had a negative reputation within the navy. Following the Proclamation of the New Order, the Victory I ships were inherited by the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire and underwent a service life extension program, known as the Victory II program. The program brought the Victory II-class Star Destroyer into service, though it did not amend all of the issues with the vessel.


A model of Star Destroyer, the Victory I-class Star Destroyer measured at 900 meters. The Victory I featured a class 1 hyperdrive, and was armed with twelve quadruple turbolaser batteries, forty dual turbolasers, ten tractor beam projectors, and concussion missile launchers.[1] The Victory-class Star Destroyer line was an all-purpose heavy line-of-battle ship that was meant to support planetary landings and participate in fleet actions.[3]

Victory I ships of the Galactic Republic were gray with red livery, and were dagger-shaped. A command tower rose near the aft of the ship on an elevated area, and two[4] deflector shield generators[2] were situated on top of the tower. Next to a dome on the portside, was a long antenna. Additionally, a spherical pole extended horizontally from the starboard side of the tower. Adjacent to the pole was a boxed structure at the center of the tower. The Star Destroyer also had two protruded sections, one on each side of the hull, partially covering the hull's side ridges.[4]


The Victory II-class Star Destroyer was the successor of the Victory I-class.

The Victory I-class was introduced at the height of the Clone Wars by the Galactic Republic Navy after being rushed into production following many delays and political squabbles. As a result, the vessel had a degree of design flaws that required continuous maintenance by crew members to keep the vessel combat ready. The Victory-class gained the reputation of being an unlucky ship and as a spacefaring coffin.[3]

Following the transition of the Republic into the Galactic Empire,[3] the Imperial Navy inherited Victory-class Star Destroyers[1] and were given a life extension service program and became the Victory II-class Star Destroyer. Despite extensive rebuilds, the Victory II-class failed to eliminate all of its predecessors issues.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The original image, as depicted on the Victory-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack.

The Victory I-class debuted in the new Star Wars canon when it was indirectly mentioned in the entry for the Victory II-class Star Destroyer in the 2020 Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Roleplaying sourcebook, Starships and Speeders.[3] It was subsequently identified in "Ships of the Empire and the Rebellion,"[1] an encyclopedia issue from Star Wars Encyclopedia from De Agostini, which was released on October 12, 2021 in Spain[5] and October 28 of the same year in France.[6]

The Star Destroyer was then pictured on a card for the Victory I-class Star Destroyer in "Rapid Reinforcements I,"[4] a new print and play expansion that was released by Atomic Mass Games as a downloadable PDF document on April 7, 2022.[7] The image was an edited and repurposed image of the box cover art for the Victory-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack, which was released in May 14, 2015 by Fantasy Flight Games.[8]


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