A vidcam was a device that could record audio and video. They could be placed on the outside of a starship, as well as inside a building or room.


When visiting Wald's Parts on Tatooine in 8 ABY, Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo, were told by Wald that he overheard stormtroopers talking about their new admiral using the vidcam in the corner of his ceiling. When the couple later stopped by the moisture farm–turned–hotel Sidi Driss Inn, they were told by Dama Whitesun Brunk that she had given Chewbacca a datapad that was linked to twenty different hidden vidcams that had been set up in the inn.[1]

The Millennium Falcon was equipped with vidcams, one of which was in the stern of the ship, and was used to detect a Koensayr mapping skiff on the Falcon's tail when Han and Leia were scanning a planet to relocate the Ithorian people to after the Yuuzhan Vong War. Leia later used the Falcon's vidcams to see movement on an asteroid near the Lizil nest in the Unknown Regions.[2]

During the Swarm War, Han and Leia borrowed a Dray-class transport, the Swiff, from Lando Calrissian and used its vidcams when they were once again at the Lizil nest. When taken aboard a Chiss ship and interrogated by Baltke, a Chiss commander, Leia was being recorded by a hidden vidcam.[3]

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