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"I can't believe we couldn't get arena tickets for this match! Now we'll have to watch the duel on the view screen."
―A spectator at the Taris dueling ring[src]

Obi-Wan Kenobi's viewscreen

Viewscreens, also known as holoscreens, vidscreens, and rarely repeater displays,[1] were telescreens used to project holographic moving images on HoloNet channels from across the galaxy. It would display holo-signals in, but, instead of projecting a three-dimensional image, images on a holoscreen would be shown on a two-dimensional screen. It could be attached to a wall and viewed in a room. It was capable of receiving different transmissions, including Channel 1.

Establishments such as the Outlander Club on Coruscant had wall-mounted viewscreens, showing various sporting events including Podracing, Odupiendo racing, and nuna-ball. Viewscreens could be used for in-house events that were not broadcast publicly, such as events in the Taris dueling ring, which could be seen on viewscreens in the Upper City Cantina.

Different viewscreens had different characteristics. For example, the Empire's viewscreens had slight static appear before a hologram flashed into view, while a Trade Federation transmission had a slightly white surrounding area, and began and ended with a wave effect.

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