The Vigil was a Vakbeor-class cargo frigate manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards. It was captured by Resistance commandos from pirates during a battle off the Chasidron Shoals.[1] It became part of the Resistance fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Jotis during their war with the First Order.[5] It was one of four vessels that Resistance forces on the planet D'Qar evacuated on after they were attacked by the First Order following the destruction of Starkiller Base. After the Resistance successfully destroyed the First Order Dreadnought Fulminatrix above D'Qar, the Vigil jumped to lightspeed along with the[4] Raddus, the Anodyne and the Ninka.[4][5] The First Order was able to track the Resistance fleet through lightspeed and followed them and attacking once they arrived at their destination, quickly destroying the Vigil as it attempted to flee.[4]

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