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"To be a Vigo in Black Sun is to enjoy more power than all but a handful of beings in the entire galaxy."
―Prince Xizor[src]

A Vigo was a title used by the Black Sun crime syndicate to denote the organization's leadership. At any given time, nine of these lieutenants each oversaw a different region of the galaxy and reported directly to the organization's head, the Black Sun Underlord.


The word Vigo meant "nephew" in Old Tionese, which created the semblance of a familial bond between the leadership, making them appear stronger and indivisible to outsiders.[1]

Selected from the ranks of Black Sun's membership, the Vigos only numbered nine[2] and were independently wealthy and possessed of great influence.[source?] Assigned to oversee the organization's operations in one of nine sectors of the galaxy, the Vigos reported directly to Black Sun's leader,[2] the Underlord; when the Underlord died or was deposed, one of the sitting Vigos would replace him or her.[source?]


A Devaronian Black Sun vigo

Under the leadership of Underlord Alexi Garyn, Black Sun and the nine Vigos built a reign of fear felt on every planet from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim Territories in the decade preceding the Clone Wars. This surge in power drew the attention of Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Plagueis and his apprentice, Darth Sidious. To rectify this, the Sith dispatched their assassin,[3] Darth Maul, to assassinate the Vigos and Garyn at their fortress on Ralltiir in 33 BBY. Catching the Vigos off their guard, Maul wiped out the leaders and Black Sun fell into disarray for years.[4]

Despite the purge, Black Sun recovered and a new generation of Vigos was appointed from the remnants of the organization. By 27 BBY, the Vigos were attempting to rebuild, though they faced many challenges. Bounty hunter Jango Fett took out a bounty on Vigo Antonin during this time, killing the lieutenant on behalf of a contract with Dreddon the Hutt.[5] Vigo Cash Garrulan retired from Black Sun during the Clone Wars, remaining a powerful crime lord on Murkhana and forming a respectful relationship with Jedi Master Roan Shryne.[6]

While the Falleen Vigo Xist managed to retain his holdings on Trigalis during the war,[7] Vigo Ziro the Hutt was betrayed by his Pa'lowick lover Sy Snootles on the Hutt world Teth.[8] Despite the setbacks, Black Sun came to great power once more under the leadership of Underlord Xizor during the reign of the Galactic Empire. In 3.5 ABY, Prince Xizor ordered his assassin Guri to execute Vigo Green after Green's betrayal.[1]

During the Rebellion, Han Solo was contracted by Eanjer, a businessman whose family had been killed by Black Sun, to break into Black Sun governor Avrak Villachor's vault on Wukkar and retrieve his money. Solo assembled a team of outlaws he knew, which also included Leia's aide, Winter. A Falleen vigo named Qazadi was also present at the time, making the operation more difficult, but they successfully broke into the mansion and emptied the vault, which contained an Alderaanian encryption device known as a cryodex and a copy of the Black Sun's blackmail database. At the end of the raid, Eanjer assassinated Qazadi, revealing himself to be Boba Fett in disguise.[9]


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