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Viil Corvii was a male Sullustan who operated out of Providence as a chief mechanic during the Galactic Civil War.


Viil was the leader of the Sullustan community on Providence. Old and respectable, he often wore a long coat from Sullust studded with pocket full of tools.

He was a brilliant pilot, leading at least ten wanted smuggling ships, but his age led him to take more interest in the technical aspects of the profession. He then became technician, one of the best of his time in his years on Providence.

Personality and traits

The Sullustan was less talkative than his fellow, a calm and thinking individual, but he was capable of great authority when needed. He was respected by the majority of the other Providence leaders, and his expertise in the technical field was strongly looked for.

Behind the scenes

Viil Corvii was created by Jean-Michel Ringuet for the ambiguously canon roleplaying help "Providence" which appeared in the French magazine Avalon 1.


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