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"How do I look… for a princess… who's been living her brother's life for him, since he lost it saving hers?"

Vila was a young female Human from Naldar who was the twin sister to the Prince of Naldar, Denin. She was instrumental in removing the Imperial presence from her homeworld in the Galactic Civil War.


Vila was born on Naldar to the ruling family at the time. Her father was the King of Naldar, and her brother Prince Denin was in line to assume the throne. Unfortunately, in 2 ABY, Imperials arrived on Naldar to subjugate the world. Naldar resisted Imperial presence, and in one of the first armed conflicts between Imperials and the people of Naldar, Vila's brother Denin was killed. To mask the fact that the king's only son had died, Vila disguised herself as Denin and continued the fight against the Empire.

Vila continued to lead the Naldar resistance until the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY. The Rebels victory and the death of the Emperor was a huge blow to the Empire, and the Imperials were forced to use drastic tactics to keep their remaining worlds in line. On Naldar, the Imperials devastated the planet with an orbital bombardment which also resulted in the death of the King of Naldar, Vila's father.

The death of her father caused Vila to realize that she would need to take more drastic measure to liberate Naldar. Taking a small starfighter, she fled Naldar to seek out the Rebellion. She found the Alliance on their temporary base on Endor. Still disguised as Denin, she appealed to Leia Organa for help. The Rebels were unable to provide any substantial assistance, but a small task force was sent with Vila back to Naldar to assess the situation.

Vila with Denin and Yoda in the Netherworld of the Force.

Part of this task force included the Jedi Luke Skywalker, and Vila was reminded of how much Denin had wished that he were a Jedi. To honor her brother's memory, Vila appealed to the Jedi to train her in the ways of the Force. Luke was still hesitant to accept any Jedi student and refused to train her. After arriving on Naldar, Leia discovered that Denin had died two years earlier. Vila was forced to reveal that she had disguised herself as Denin after her brother's death.

Vila and the rest of the task force eventually confronted the leader of the Imperials on Naldar, the Dark Lord Flint. Flint's former friend Barney, a member of the Rebel task force, was eventually able to convince Flint to leave the Empire and its evil ways behind. In an ensuing firefight between the Rebels and the Imperials, Vila threw herself in front of Flint to protect him from oncoming blaster fire. Vila died from the blaster wound, but she was reunited with her dead brother through the Force.