Vilas was a Force-sensitive male Dathomirian who belonged to the Great Canyon Clan on Dathomir. He was the Nightsister Vonnda Ra's student and eventually earned her praise for becoming what she considered to be her best male student.


Vonnda Ra eventually brought Vilas along to help recruit members of the other witch clans of Dathomir. She used him to demonstrate the extent of the power available to those using the dark side of the Force by controlling the local weather in an impressive display.

Vilas may have harbored a secret love for Garowyn. When she visited Dathomir on her frequent supply runs, he would enthusiastically help her offload the cargo. Because either he didn't express his feelings for her or she did not notice, it remained unrequited.

Vilas eventually developed his skills enough that he could leave Dathomir to learn at the Shadow Academy, where Tamith Kai took him as her apprentice. During the Raid on Coruscant, Vilas would accompany Tamith Kai and Garowyn to the planet's undercity, where they would recruit or abduct a number of disadvantaged youths in order to fill the ranks of the Second Imperium. Among those who they recruited was a young man named Zekk.

Vilas and Zekk eventually found themselves as rivals for the position of Darkest Knight within the Shadow Academy. In a final match between the two amidst a zero-gravity combat ring, Vilas taunted Zekk's history as a "trash collector" and promised he would be the most powerful of the two. After attempting to trick Zekk, Vilas swooped in for the kill, but Zekk's senses proved stronger and Vilas found himself meeting his demise. He was cleaved in two.



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