Villa Solis was the private retreat of the Hapan noble Ducha Galney on Terephon. The villa was surrounded by 200 kilometers of swamp, being located in the remote moorlands of the country, and thus could only be approached by air.


In 40 ABY, Jedi Knights Jaina Solo and Zekk were sent by Queen Mother Tenel Ka to speak with the Ducha and request her support in the coming coup d'etat which was threatening the Queen. Unfortunately for the two Jedi, Ducha Galney was in fact also a member of the Heritage Council, the forces behind the plot to kill the Queen. She abandoned her villa before the Jedi arrived and delayed them with her riding companion, Entora Zar, during which time she dispatched a squadron of Miy'til bombers to destroy their starfighters and, once her guard droids had failed to kill the intruders, bomb the Villa Solis out of existence in a vain attempt to finish them off.


The architecture was simple, and the villa was made up of a number of squat, domed round buildings, built from white gratenite, accessed through a crodium gate manned by two droid gatekeepers. In the central compound, past the high outer wall and the gate, the buildings were packed tightly together, with gratenite paving on the ground. There was an underground hangar nearby, located beneath the gratenite cliffs used in the construction of the villa. Being the favorite hunting retreat of the Terephon nobles, Villa Solis was equipped with tanning vats, roasting pits and a family of murgs which resided in a cave warren by the cliffs.



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