Vin Kollis was an officer of the Imperial Army, the commander on Nishr during the Galactic Civil War.


In 2 BBY, Kollis held the rank of Major General, and was assigned to lead the Imperial deployment on Nishr, serving as both the commander of the garrison and the planetary governor. A relatively liberal officer by Imperial standards, he saw no reason to disturb the low-technology Nish population, but some of his troops ignored his orders, leading to unrest.

Although he disciplined the offenders, the soldiers continued to abuse the Nish, leading to a rising against Imperial rule in 0 ABY. This was violently suppressed, and Kollis, perhaps reluctantly, sent TIE/gt attack fighters to bomb the three major Nish cities in punishment. These events became known as the Nishr Suppression.

In response, the Alliance to Restore the Republic sent SpecForce troops to Nishr, leading to the Nishr Campaign. Although the Nish remained largely passive after the Suppression, and Kollis had many times more soldiers than the Alliance's small Nishr Taskforce, he lost territorial control due to targeted attacks against his mobile forces, and fell back to secure positions around his garrison base.

Kollis requested reinforcements to drive back the Rebels, but his superiors did not see Nishr as a priority, and a stalemate ensued.

Behind the sceneEdit

Kollis is twice referred to as "Governor-General", as if this title denoted a combination of the position of Governor and the rank of General. In real life, however, the title of Governor-General traditionally means a governor whose authority is "general" over other governors in their territory, and does not imply a military generalship.


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