The Vindicator-class heavy cruiser was the standard 600-meter-long heavy cruiser design of the Imperial Navy.


The ship's armament consisted of 25 light turbolasers, 20 light quad turbolasers, 10 point-defense laser cannons, 20 light point-defense ion cannons, and 6 tractor beam projectors organized into 5 light turbolaser batteries, 5 light quad turbolaser batteries, 4 laser batteries, 4 ion cannon batteries and one capital-grade tractor beam battery.[3]

The Vindicator was equipped with a Class 2 hyperdrive.[3] It carried 400 troops and a crew of 2,551.[3] Most Vindicators were specifically configured so that they could carry a full TIE starfighter wing and operate independently without the need for support ships.[1] Other configurations could carry only two squadrons of starfighters.[3]


It was intended for use in situations in which Imperial-class Star Destroyers were unavailable, and smaller ships were not powerful enough. The ship was manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems.

They were to replace the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser as the Navy's standard multi-role cruiser.[2]

The Immobilizer 418 cruiser was designed using the same basic hull as the Vindicator. In addition to manufacturing new Immobilizer 418s, the Empire converted a number of Vindicators into Interdictor cruisers.[3] The Vindicator's hull was used again to build the Enforcer-class picket cruiser, a patrol ship used by the Pentastar Alignment.

The Vindicators were assigned as escorts or as lone hunters. Those postings were seen as prestigious by Imperial commanders.[2]

A Vindicator-class heavy cruiser was present near the Death Star during X2 and Grey Squadron's mission there.[4]

Some of these cruisers were eventually found in local fleets and large pirate squadrons, while an imperial Vindicator called Molator was captured by the Rebel Alliance.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

While the Vindicator was the original ship in-universe, and its existence had been implied for years, it was only given a name and description in the book Starships of the Galaxy, published by Wizards of the Coast. Because of this, the derivative Interdictor cruiser is far more well-known.



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