"I've got you, and Zatec-Cha has Julpa!"
―Vinga to Jann Tosh[src]

Vinga was a native of Tammuz-an and loyal servant to Ko Zatec-Cha. Vinga's chief function was to sing the vizier's praises, proclaiming him as the rightful heir to the throne of Tammuz-an.


Zatec-Cha once sent Vinga to spy on Jann Tosh, a young man who had been aiding the royal heir, Prince Mon Julpa. Despite the man's bumbling nature, he succeeded in capturing the Prince and returning him to his master's quarters, where he was summarily imprisoned. Zatec-Cha later sent Vinga to acquire the Tammuz-an Royal Scepter, but the servant failed in this task and the scepter returned to the hands of its rightful owner, Mon Julpa. After Mon Julpa was proclaimed King of Tammuz-an, Vinga was one of several officials proclaimed treasonous to the throne who were imprisoned.

Personality and traits[]

Like many natives to Tammuz-an, Vinga had purple skin and humanoid features. He had a large, blonde-colored pompadour, long, dark-colored sideburns, and a small gap between his two front teeth.

Behind the scenes[]

Dan Hennessey provided the voice for Vinga on the Star Wars: Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO animated series.


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