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"This course isn't as fast as Tatooine's, nor does it have the hairpin turns of Oovo IV. However, this race on Malastare remains one of the most environmentally varied runs in professional podracing! Every level of this world-spanning track presents a new challenge!"

The Vinta Harvest Classic was a podracing circuit held shortly after the Boonta Eve Classic. It was sponsored by Vinta Harvest Ale.

Many of the podracers that entered the Vinta Harvest Classic also raced in the earlier Boonta Eve Classic. Sebulba was once again also racing, this time with Anakin Skywalker's podracer, which the Dug had purchased after his loss at the Boonta Eve Classic. The other competitors included Mawhonic, Gasgano, Wasser Barer, Durundo, and Wan Sandage. Sandage's hired hitman Aldar Beedo also participated, gunning for Sebulba. The Fluggrian Kam Nale, using the alias of "Elan Mak", also participated, still hunting for Beedo. Sebulba ended up becoming victorious.

The Phoebos Memorial Run, a race named after the mechanic who invented the sport, was part of this circuit.



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