"I have had my weaknesses exploited. Now I will exploit yours."
―Vinto Hreeda[src]

Vinto Hreeda was a male Rodian mercenary, smuggler and boltslinger during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Hreeda was exceptionally skilled with a blaster and few beings would stand a chance against him in a lightfight.[1] During his career, Hreeda obtained several scars that marked his face, but his most distinctive injury lost him his left antennae, leaving a large scar running the length of his face from his missing antennae, between the eyes, to his right cheek.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

A Heros Welcome IAJR

Hreeda comes to the aid of his clan

"I show the same mercy that has been shown to me."
―Vinto Hreeda[src]

After the Empire destroyed everything that Hreeda held dear, he honed his skills with a blaster until he was more than a match for all but a select few in the galaxy. He hired his services out as a mercenary, and relished any opportunity to strike back at the Empire he hated. His primary focus was to tear down the empire one stormtrooper at a time.[1] He was seen as a protecting hero and vigilante to his home clan, and came to exact vengeance when a rival clan hired pirates to raid medical supplies from his people.[3]


Draw - Vinto Hreeda IAJR

Hreeda was much faster on the draw than any stormtrooper.

"My success at my craft grows out of the harsh consequences for failure."
―Vinto Hreeda[src]

Hreeda made use of dual blaster pistols carried in dual holsters at his waist. He wore a brown, three-quarter-length coat with reinforced shoulders.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Vinto Hreeda was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in the "Jabba's Realm" expansion pack for the Star Wars: Imperial Assault strategy board game.[4]


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