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"You're joking. This is the defense for a twenty-five-thousand-year-old treaty?"
―Turg, upon being faced with the Klatooinains' defense[src]

The Violation was an act of desecration that took place at the Fountain of the Ancients in the Derelkoos Desert in 44 ABY. The Lost Tribe of Sith had recently allied itself with Luke and Ben Skywalker for a mission to the Maw, and they stopped for a brief time on Klatooine. While there, Sith High Lord Sarasu Taalon learned of the Fountain of the Ancients, and became obsessed with a desire to possess it. Eventually, the Jedi and Sith decided to leave Klatooine and wait outside the Maw for Lando Calrissian—who was soon to be arriving with an asteroid tug for help in navigating the Maw.

Taalon decided to leave two ChaseMaster frigates, the Starstalker and Winged Dagger, under the command of Vyn Holpur and Leeha Faal, respectively, behind to wait for Calrissian, although their actual intent was to obtain wintrium samples from the Fountain. Faal relayed Taalon's orders to Holpur, who carried them out. Taking his crew in the Starstalker, Holpur led an assault on the Fountain. The Sith were met with resistance from primitively-armed Klatooinian guards, and one of the Sith, Kaara, was quickly killed. The Sith managed to take the wintrium samples, however, several Hutts soon arrived, as they were bound by the ancient Treaty of Vontor to protect the Fountain. They attacked the Starstalker and surrounded the Winged Dagger, capturing the Sith and bringing them to trial. Darima Kedari, Chancellor of the Council of Elders, requested that Calrissian and Jedi Knight Jaina Solo, who had just arrived, mediate the situation.

Solo and Calrissian agreed, and during the ensuing hearing, Faal claimed that Holpur and his crew had acted of their own accord, and Holpur—though shocked by the betrayal—went along with her lie. Calrissian and Solo knew she was lying, but had no way to prove it, and were only able to convict Holpur and his crew of violating the Fountain. Holpur and the entire crew of the Starstalker were then sentenced to death for this crime. Solo and Calrissian also decreed that while the Hutts had failed to protect the Fountain, the Treaty of Vontor had not been breached, because the Hutts had reacted as swiftly and effectively as had been possible. Despite this ruling, Klatooinian's across the planet began an uprising against their Hutt rulers. Calrissian, Solo, Faal, and Faal's crew then met up with the rest of the Sith and Jedi outside the Maw to continue their mission.

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