Azzameen family ships attack Viraxo 54.

Viraxo 54 was a VenteX Construction Yards Cargo Facility 1 in the Denbo system. Owned and operated by the shipping conglomerate Viraxo Industries, it was a busy port frequented by many cargo vessels.

As payback for a cargo of spice planted by the Viraxo in an Azzameen storage area, Antan Azzameen concocted a scheme whereby the spice would be planted at a Viraxo facility, then discovered by the Imperials. Viraxo 54 was the chosen target for this sting operation. Piloted by Aeron Azzameen, the YT-1300 freighter Selu, masquerading as the Venix, was to deposit the spice container at the depot just as her two brothers Emon and Ace were timed to drop out of hyperspace and conduct a hit-and-fade strike against the station. The facility's distress call was expected to bring a swift response from the local Imperial garrison, who would then take time to snoop around the area and certainly discover the contraband spice.

Unfortunately, the timing of the attack was a little off, and the Azzameen brothers arrived in the Denbo system before Aeron had made the drop, forcing her to abandon ship to be picked up by Emon's Andrasta. As this happened, Ace performed a distraction by wreaking havoc amongst the cargo vessels and transports with the Sabra's laser cannons. The Pursuer-class enforcement ship Enkidu was also destroyed by the Azzameens while defending the station.

Once Aeron was safely aboard the Andrasta, Ace turned his lasers on the now disabled Selu, thus destroying the evidence of Azzameen involvement in the spice dumping. Their objective only partially achieved, the Azzameens escaped into hyperspace just as the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Intruder arrived to investigate the incident.



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