Viraxo Industries was a XQ5 Platform belonging to Viraxo Industries, often surrounded by a variety of cargo containers and transport ships.


In 3 ABY, when Antan Azzameen was captured by the Viraxo, he was imprisoned on this station. Fortunately, the Azzameen family already had a mole aboard—presumably to keep an eye on the Viraxo—who made sure Antan was assigned to a cell near an airlock, then notified the family.


The Condemnation approaches Viraxo Industries.

Ace Azzameen and Emon Azzameen soon arrived in the Otana and docked at the station's dorsal airlock. While Ace held off the station's security fighters from the Otana's gun turret, Emon boarded the station and rescued Antan. They fled the scene as Imperial reinforcements arrived in the form of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Condemnation.

Behind the scenesEdit

Depending on player actions, it is possible to inspect the surrounding freighters and containers and/or destroy them, as well as a shuttle carrying Viraxo VIPs. It is even possible to destroy Viraxo Industries itself (after rescuing Antan, of course).



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