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The Virgillian Civil War (25 BBY4 ABY) was an internal conflict between the revolutionary Virgillian Free Alignment and the ruling Aristocracy government.[1]

Because the Virgillian sector was nominally a part of the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Senate attempted to negotiate peace. In 23 BBY, a diplomatic team of four Jedi KnightsLudwin Katarkus, Danyawarra, Everen Ettene, and Halagad Ventor—were dispatched to the sector. However, the Jedi transport was destroyed and it was believed that all four were killed.[1] That, combined with the advent of the Clone Wars shortly after, ended any attempt by the Republic to mediate the war.

It later became apparent that Halagad Ventor and Danyawarra survived, and continued to serve the Republic.

After the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Aristocracy gained Imperial support, although was apparently not technically a part of the Empire. After the start of the Galactic Civil War, the Alignment allied itself with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, turning the conflict into a proxy war.

The Flurry was one ship that fought for the Alignment, under the command of officers Tessa Manchisco and Rannd Delckis at the helm.

In 4 ABY, the civil war finally ended with a victory by the Alignment. The Alignment quickly donated as many of its ships and soldiers as it could to the Rebellion—including the Flurry and its crew. The Alignment seems likely to have joined the New Republic.



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