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Virujansi was a planet in the Virujansi system of the Inner Rim where the populace had a complex hierarchy.


Colonized by Humans sometime during the Great Manifest Period,[1] the planet Virujansi was the site of a conflict known to history as the Virujansi Uprising, a conflict eventually put down by the Galactic Republic.[4] The planet was located along the Trellen Trade Route.[1]

During the Clone Wars, Virujansi and neighboring systems were defended by the Republic's Fourth Outer Rim Army of the greater Grand Army of the Republic. Despite the protection, Virujansi fell victim to invasion by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. As the Rarefied Air Cavalry began to defend the planet, taking their Z-95 Headhunters deep into borecrawler caverns to route the Separatist invasion forces. The local resistance movement was bolstered by the arrival of Republic forces led by Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi who gladly flew alongside notable native pilots such as Garven Dreis. Following the battle and the successful routing of Separatist forces, the natives declared Jedi Skywalker the Hero With No Fear, a title the Jedi would carry throughout the war.[2]

When the Clone Wars came to an end, Virujansi came under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Empire, as the Old Republic was replaced by a new order. Early on, the Empire rained fire down on the unruly residents of Virujansi, burning crops and villages alike. Local rebellions sprung up, led by Garven Dreis and other veterans of war, seeing the deaths of countless citizens as they opened fire on the ground and in the sky against the Imperial Navy.[2] The world's local hero, Garven Dreis, escaped the planet and served the Alliance as Red Leader in the Battle of Yavin.[2]

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The planet of Virujansi was governed by a hierarchical caste system, ruled from the top by a Rajah. This individual was assisted by a series of different government officials such as the People's Advisor, who served as a liaison between guests and the Rajah. Other such advisers were the Mouth of Ancestors, a legal consultant who reviewed the planet's precedential laws; the Wrathor, a disciplinarian who reported the Rajah's views of displeasure; the Eye of History, a historian who reviewed problems in historical context; and the Conciliator, who was tasked with hammering out compromises between all parties.[5]



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