"I came aboard the Visara, a transport escort. I was told we were the closest ship."

The Visara was a starship which served as a transport escort in the fleet of the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War between the Alliance and the Galactic Empire. Around 2 ABY, Imperial Commander Degoren was tasked with capturing Princess Leia Organa, one of the leaders of the Alliance. In an attempt to lure Organa into a trap, Degoren took the crew of the Alliance ship Gamble—on which Organa had been traveling—hostage on the commercial space platform Arnot Station while the Princess was away from the ship. When Organa tried to contact the Gamble, Degoren answered and claimed to be a commander from the Visara. Though Organa had seen the Visara's name on a list of the Alliance's transport escort ships, she knew nothing else of the ship and, after further questioning Degoren, recognized his deception.[1]

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The Visara was first mentioned in the 2013 novel Razor's Edge, which was written by Martha Wells.[1]

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