Vision of the Future is a book written by Timothy Zahn and published by Bantam Spectra. As of June 2013, it is the longest Star Wars novel at 694 pages. The German version was split into two separate books, most likely due to length.




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Vision of the Future is the second book in the epic two-volume series The Hand of Thrawn from Timothy Zahn, the bestselling, Hugo award-winning author of the original landmark trilogy based on George Lucas's legendary Star Wars films. Now the story begun in Specter of the Past comes to an explosive conclusion as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo are thrust into the middle of an impending civil war—and discover the shocking truth behind the rumored resurrection of the dead Admiral Thrawn.

For a beleaguered Empire, desperate times call for desperate measures. Sowing discord among the fragile coalition of the New Republic, remnants of the once powerful Empire make one last play for victory. Having implicated the Bothans in the genocide of the Caamas, they now plan an attack on Han and Leia that is also blamed on the Bothans. If they are successful, the New Republic will be torn asunder. To prevent inevitable disaster, Luke, Leia, Han, and their friends must prove the Bothans innocent and reveal the Empire's treachery. But time is running out. The cunning Major Tierce has joined with the ambitious Moff Vilim Disra in the Empire's master plan. At its heart lies the most elaborate con of all: the rumor that the legendary Grand Admiral Thrawn, long believed dead, has returned to lead the Empire to a prophesied triumph. The news of Thrawn's return is already rallying Imperial forces against the New Republic.

As Leia travels to a secret rendezvous with an Imperial commander who claims to want peace, Han and Lando Calrissian journey into enemy territory to learn the truth of Caamas's destruction. Meanwhile, Luke and Mara Jade infiltrate a hidden fortress where Thrawn's most fanatical followers await his call to arms. And Talon Karrde returns to his underworld past and a brutal crime lord whose knowledge may save the Republic. But it is the truth about Thrawn that is most important. In his hands—alive or dead—rests the fate of the New Republic.


The Empire's master plan is under way. The New Republic is on the verge of civil war and the rumor that the legendary Admiral Thrawn has returned from the dead is rallying the Imperial forces. Now, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and their allies face the challenge of their lives. They must infiltrate a hidden fortress filled with Imperial fanatics, rendezvous with a double-dealing Imperial commander, and journey into enemy territory to learn the identity of those responsible for an act of unthinkable genocide. But most important of all is the truth about Thrawn. In his hands—alive or dead—rests the fate of the New Republic.


While abord the Chimaera, Admiral Pellaeon was still recovering from the attack only thirty hours before by supposed New Republic General Garm Bel Iblis. Ardiff was later convinced that a pirate gang was responsible although they were nowhere to be found in the system. Ardiff was concerned that it was a communications blackout. Although the beings on the Imperial Star Destroyer wanted to communicate with the outside universe, they knew that if they did they would have more then pirates to worry about. Ardiff bought up the idea that it may have been organized as the Imperials of then past had cracked down on them. Pellaeon, not convinced, bought up the fact that they had been found. Ardiff countered the remark with the fact that Colonel Vermel hadn't been found and that he could have gave away their position. Pellaeon only wanted a meeting with Bel Iblis and was willing to wait two weeks for it.

While aboard the Relentless, Grand Admiral Thrawn received a call from Lord Superior Bosmihi and had a relatively small conversation with the man. Thrawn and Disra discussed the fact that Kroctar was rejoining them, and that would make Coruscant angry. Disra learned that it was Captain Zothip who had attacked Admiral Pellaeon.

On the planet Nirauan, Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade become closer, resulting in Jade accepting Skywalker's marriage proposal.


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Vision of the Future is chronologically the last Star Wars novel published by Bantam, and serves as an "ending" to their series of Expanded Universe publications. Bantam would publish only three more Star Wars novels after Vision of the Future, all of which were installments in the X-Wing series. Del Rey, another subsidiary of Random House, took over the license for Star Wars novels in 1999, beginning with the novelization of The Phantom Menace.

Alex Winger makes her first appearance in a Star Wars novel on pp. 284-285. She last appeared in Charlene Newcomb's short story Betrayal by Knight. Zahn described Alex as having cybernetic fingers, prompting Newcomb to write Shades of Gray, a Hyperspace Exclusive Short Story, explaining what happened to Alex's fingers.[3]

The German version of the book was split into two parts. Part one is titled Blick in die Zukunft, the German translation of the English title. Part two is titled Der Zorn des Admirals, which translates to The Admiral's Wrath in English.

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This is a gallery of the different cover variations of Vision of the Future.

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