The Visionary was the elegant cloaked transport of G0-T0, one of the most successful Exchange bosses operating in both the Y'Toub system and Republic space. It was probably one of a kind, in that its actual owner was a droid, as was its entire crew. It was destroyed by the Jedi Exile in the Mission to Nar Shaddaa.


When G0-T0 left the legal structure of the Republic as a result of a computational conflict, he assumed the identity of Goto for credibility and protection, effectively extending his influential reach as a crime lord. Goto was created from a standard Aratech archetype, all that people ever saw of him during meetings was a hologram. G0-T0 used his yacht mainly as a base, and for hijacking, on board was also a droid control center that would coordinate thousands of droids, on Nar Shaddaa and elsewhere.


The Visionary

When Vogga the Hutt set about his shipping operations, a number of his freighters were stolen and their cargo used to bolster economically unstable Republic worlds; following the destruction of the yacht and of all his rival's activities on Nar Shaddaa, Vogga would eventually end up saving Citadel Station providing fuel from his reserves on Sleheyron in accordance with a deal struck with the Exile that involved Goto leaving the scene. Though the price of fuel was going up in the wake of the Peragus disaster, Vogga's business had been brought to a halt by G0-T0 for some time, so the Hutt wouldn't have been able to command a high price.

Goto's yacht was also where bounty hunters such as Hanharr, the Twin Suns, the Zhug brothers, Gands, and HK-50 units would gather to receive instructions. Feeling that the Exile's presence might prove the means to uncover the location of another Jedi,[3] G0-T0 made clear that her business on the Smugglers' Moon was not to be compromised.

Following the Exile's capture, Atton Rand staged her rescue using T3-M4 to steal the transponder codes from Vogga's warehouse, so that the Ebon Hawk would be recognized as one of his freighters and get hijacked by Goto's yacht. The yacht was destroyed by the Exile as she escaped on the Hawk with the rest of her rescue team, the deactivation of the ship's stygium cloaking device gave several criminal rivals and bounty hunters their chance to attack the yacht that had always eluded them. Its demise disrupted crime (and thus the economy) in the Y'Toub system for years.

Thanks to its personal cloaking shield, G0-T0 managed to sneak aboard the Ebon Hawk and escape the destruction of his yacht. He presented himself as a gift from Goto, a token of his goodwill, and intruded upon the company of the Exile, claiming that tampering with the droid's behavior core would trigger an explosion powerful enough to destroy a sizable chunk of a planet. He joined the Exile in her efforts to stabilize the Republic and offered compensation, hiding his true origins until the Exile eventually figured them out herself and all he could do was deny them.



Layout of Goto's yacht.

Quarters included torture chambers and holding cells, possibly what awaited the crew of Vogga's freighters when they were abducted, as well as any who would defy G0-T0. The ship had surprisingly heavy defenses for a yacht, large turbolaser cannons on the exterior, floating mines, minefields, defense turrets, and a large group of droid guardians and maintenance drones on the inside. The boarding party that rescued the Exile had to go through all of them, as they entered the yacht from the starboard docking bridge, which set off the proximity alarm.

Several computer consoles throughout the vessel could be used to tamper with some of the interior defenses, including the force fields of the holding cells where some utility droids could be found. These droids held programs in their memory cores one could exploit to gain control over the ship's security measures. The audience chamber was where the Exile met G0-T0, and learned the reason for the bounty he had posted on Jedi. The meeting was interrupted as the rescue team entered the ship. They found the Exile in the audience chamber, behind a strong security door and a number of droid guardians and defense turrets.

The droid control center was located at the central command, completely surrounded by mines, armed by G0-T0 as the party approached. The Exile had to reach the bridge to deactivate a docking hatch seal that blocked access to the Ebon Hawk, and in doing so she also deactivated the ship's cloaking device. This gave hostile ships license to attack the yacht, some of which were able to board. As they made haste to the Ebon Hawk, the Exile and two of her companions were confronted by the Twin Suns in the exterior defense region, followed by Gand and Zhug bounty hunters.

Behind the scenesEdit

The codes to access the droid controller on the yacht are erroneously labeled as the codes for the M4-78 central computer. This led some to belief that the M4-78 designation was given to Goto's yacht following the decision to cut the planet from the game, until the vessel was named Visionary in the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide.

An error is found when the Visionary traps the Ebon Hawk. The Visionary extended a walkway to the Ebon Hawk's supposed airlock (apparently in or behind the turbolaser turret), but actually the Ebon Hawk didn't have an airlock in this part of it structure.

While the value of the yacht is never actually specified, Goto comments later that "The destruction of my yacht and all my activities on Nar Shaddaa carries a cost that would take you several lifetimes to repay."



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