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"The Empire is relying on us, Drosk. We are its future. Do you understand that?"
―Commodore Visler Korda[2]

Visler Korda was a male human officer in the military of the Galactic Empire, first serving as a captain and then as a commodore. A cruel man, he once set up a trap to capture Milo and Lina Graf, two younglings whose parents had been abducted by Imperial agents some time earlier.

Following the Battle of Endor, Korda led an Imperial remnant on Rekkana.


Early career[]

The human male Visler Korda became an officer in the starfleet of the Galactic Empire[4] in the early days of that government.[5] He took part in the Battle of Maraken, during which he lost his lower jaw. As a consequence, he was fitted with a robotic jaw lined with sharp metal teeth.[4] Korda came into the good graces of the Imperial High Command, and he ended up achieving the rank of captain. He even took direct orders from Darth Vader, the right-hand-man of Emperor Palpatine himself.[6]

Capturing the Graf spouses[]

At some point, Korda was tasked with retrieving precious data from Auric and Rhyssa Graf, a couple of cartographers who had spent fifteen years making maps of Wild Space, a vast expanse of unknown star systems on the very edge of the galaxy's rim. To that end, he approached the couple's agent Dil Pexton, and forced him to reveal the current location of the Grafs under threat of arrest. Pexton gave in, and Korda managed to trace the Grafs to an uncharted swamp planet, where he tried to coerce them into giving up their maps for free. When the cartographers refused, Korda proclaimed the planet Imperial territory and took the couple prisoners. It turned out, however, that Rhyssa Graf had devised a backup plan in case someone tried to steal their maps: the data was, in fact, stored in the head of Crater, the Grafs' homemade droid, who was absent at the time of his masters' capture. Additionally, the cartographers also had two resourceful children, Lina and Milo Graf. Since the children and the droid were off in the wild when Korda apprehended the Graf spouses, the captain's mission did not succeed.[1]

New Republic Era[]

"The Empire is relying on us, Drosk. We are its future. Do you understand that?"
―Commodore Korda, to Lieutenant Drosk[2]

Commodore Korda ended up stuck under one of his scuttlers.

Some time after the destruction of DS-2 Death Star II Mobile Battle Station above the Sanctuary Moon, Korda was stationed with troops on the planet Rekkana, now bearing the rank of Commodore. He had a cybernetic eye and a metal nose not previously seen. The surviving Imperials used TIE auto-fighters to defend the space around the planet. Korda worked with a lieutenant named Drosk who acted as his assistant at the installation enforcing a labor camp. Korda attempted to thwart the escape of Lando Calrissian after he broke out prisoners Jaxxon and Chancellor Asera and his stormtroopers tried to intervene, but ended up underneath a Scuttler after Jaxxon piloted one of the walkers and caused one of the legs to trip over another leg. Korda survived the ordeal to watch the Millennium Falcon escape. He later prepared a flyover of his new auto-fighters to display to the galaxy as a show of force to the New Republic through a cam-droid recording session, but when the fighters attacked their staging area, Korda contacted control to find out what the malfunction was. Calrissian responded over the comm to let him know that there was a malfunction or that the local Rekk people had started an uprising against the Empire. After the safe return of the Totem of Saglanost, the Rekk people were willing to fight and the Imperials surrendered.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

Early sketch by David M. Buisán showing Korda's initial design

Visler Korda first appeared in the 2016 junior novel Adventures in Wild Space: The Escape by Cavan Scott, which served as a prequel to the Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space series, co-written by Scott and Tom Huddleston.[1] In the Adventures in Wild Space books, Korda had a cybernetic jaw[4] and returned with cybernetic eye and nose in the 2019 comic "Hare-Brained Heist," set several years after the book series.[2] Although these additional cybernetics did not appear in Adventures in Wild Space, they were part of Korda's original character design and can be seen on an early sketch by David M. Buisán for the cover of Adventures in Wild Space: The Snare.[7]



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