"This weapon is a network of satellites in stable, synchronous orbit above a target planet. It amplifies light, causing blinding and burning effects on the surface population. Boil the seas? With the VEI it's never been easier!"
Bevel Lemelisk, Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide[src]

The visual electromagnetic intensifier was a siege weapon designed by the Imperial Department of Military Research and deployed by the Galactic Empire. It consisted of a network of satellites orbiting a target planet, similar to the orbital nightcloak. Unlike the nightcloak, the visual electromagnetic intensifier enhanced electromagnetic radiation and focused visible light onto the planet, effectively cooking it to death. It was capable of causing flooding, droughts, and firestorms.

The major drawbacks of this system were much the same as the nightcloak. The amount of time needed to deploy the satellites, the size of the ship needed to deliver them (Star Destroyer-size or larger), and their vulnerability to anti-orbital defenses limited the intensifier's usefulness, especially against a defended planet.

A number of measures were later introduced to overcome these obstacles, such as "dummy" satellites to fool orbital defenses, and making the system more modular to allow its continued use even if a section of satellites were destroyed.

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