General Vit was the Imperial Army officer commanding on Dathomir in 12 ABY.


Originally working alongside Imperial Ruling Council member Sigit Ranth on a mission to study the Infinity Gate, General Vit remained in charge of the planet after his departure, charged with resettling the native Dathomiri population in controlled camps, and also with leading Project Nightsaber, an Imperial project aimed at creating a cadre of loyal Force-sensitives.

When rogue Jedi Praxeum student Dal Konur arrived on the planet, Vit saw him as a potential leader for the project, but he was thwarted by Kir Kanos and a group of New Republic heroes. Vit was captured, and Dathomir was temporarily liberated, although Imperial infiltration on the planet would continue. In 19 ABY, Brakiss infiltrated the Great Canyon Clan and remodelled them into a new Nightsister clan to serve as a recruiting ground for the Shadow Academy, a project which can in many ways be seen as a continuation of Vit's earlier work.

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