"Crime rates have risen all over Corellia lately. It is up to the Corellian Security Forces to find out why."
―Captain Baize, to a spacer[src]

Vitala Baize was a red-haired female Human police officer in the Corellian Security Force who lived on Corellia during the Galactic Civil War.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Corellia is a much safer place, thanks to you. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of other dangers out there. But the Chirq Council threatened to be one of the worst. We're well rid of them."
―Captain Baize, to a spacer[src]

By the time following the Battle of Yavin, Vitala Baize held the rank of captain in the Corellian Security Force and was stationed in the city of Doaba Guerfel.[1]

Circa 1 ABY,[2] the Corellian Security Force started an investigation against the Chirq Council, a criminal organization also known by the CorSec as the Red Circle Gang, following the increase of ryll traffic on Corellia. After Lieutenant Lon Cope discovered that the criminal organization was based in Doaba Guerfel,[3] Captain Vitala Baize was designated to lead the investigation.[1] She aimed to infiltrate an agent within the Red Circle Gang but she needed first to learn more about its activities and its organization. Captain Baize used the help of Lilith Laughlin, a small-time thug who served as a CorSec undercover agent, to discover putative Chirq Council members in Doaba Guerfel. However, Laughlin was not able to help the CorSec at that moment because some Ragtag cudgels harassed her because they suspected her true allegiance. Captain Baize thus dispatched a spacer who previously worked for CorSec to deal definitively with the Ragtags.[4]

Captain Vitala Baize conducting business in Doaba Guerfel.

Lilith Laughlin immediately started to work for Captain Baize and she quickly found possible connections between the Red Circle Gang and a Drall terrorist organization known as the Drall Patriots. However, after a search in the Drall Patriot Warehouse in Doaba Guerfel, it appeared that there was no connection between the two groups. Laughlin later sent the spacer talk with Gwhirrye Baric, a thug who ran a spice racket out of a small hospital in Doaba Guerfel. After the spacer helped him to deal with Rogue CorSec miscreants who harassed his business, Baric accepted to reveal a name: Trins Evnar. The man was a spice dealer with a red circle tattoo on his arm and further investigations in his house revealed that he was a member of the Chirq Council.[4] Captain Baize decided to infiltrate the organization using the identity of Trins Evnar. The spacer therefore killed Trins Evnar, as well as every Chirq Council members who used to know Evnar in order to permit the infiltration mission, namely Seyda Shae, Genovin Jasha, Jade McDonagh and Kazic Pendre.[5] The spacer later assumed Trins Evnar's identity towards Jzoro Quanera, a Chirq Council underboss who did not know Trins Evnar personally. The agent managed to lure the Quanera and successfully infiltrated the organization.[6]

Captain Vitala Baize's agent started to work for the Jzoro Quanera. In the meantime, the Chirq Council discovered that an informant helped the CorSec in its investigation. Quanera thus tasked the spacer to find and kill the informant. In order to protect Lilith Laughlin, the agent instead killed another woman, Ebela Puckett, a Grey Shroud terrorist and Captain Baize created evidences that the terrorist was working for CorSec. Having earn the trust of Jzoro Quaner, the agent was allowed to have full access to Quanera's database and obtained the identity of the nine elite councilors who ruled the Chirq Council and the locations of their secret headquarters.[6] The Corsec finally assaulted the First and Second Elite Council Bunkers.[7] Other CorSec Agents, including Teniel Waray, Chun Solso and Hurley Klakk, participated in the attack.[8][9][10] Spacers working for Captain Baize eliminated all the nine elite councilors. After their death, the Chirq Council remnants quickly splintered. The operation was a great success for Vitala Baize and the CorSec.[7]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The character of Vitala Baize was created for the MMORPG online game Star Wars Galaxies, in which she acts as the quest-giver for several quests involving the infiltration of the Chirq Council.[1] A unique promotional card of her was created for the the Threat of the Conqueror set of the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game in 2010. The card was illustrated by artist Miguel Coimbra.[11]

The card was released as part of a tournament pack called the "Vitala Baize Tournament Pack," which contained the Baize promotional card among others.[12] The pack was released as part of the June 2010 Loot Tournament Weekend Event hosted by Sony, which ran from June 56 in 2010.[13]

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