"So I have Yuuzhan Vong parents who rejected me as my body rejected Yuuzhan Vong implants, and human parents who raised me. I am of two people."
―Viull Gorsat[src]

Viull "Scut" Gorsat was a male Yuuzhan Vong member of the Wraith Squadron. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Gorsat was captured by the New Republic and given to Mulus Cheems and his wife, who raised the Shamed One child as their son.

By 44 ABY, Gorsat had become a member of Wraith Squadron, a secret espionage team within the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, and he went by his nickname Scut, a name that his adoptive mother disliked. Whenever he went on operations with the team, he would wear a neoglith masquer, his personal modification of the classic Yuuzhan Vong cloaker, that disguised him as a human. A common trait with his neoglith masquers is that they have perpetual smiles that he can only suppress with considerable effort on his part.

During the operation to prove that corrupt GA General Stavin Thaal was a member of the infamous Lecersen Conspiracy, Scut would often butt heads with veteran member Voort saBinring. saBinring was distrustful of Scut because of his race, and Scut, in turn, was dissatisfied with saBinring as a member because the Gamorrean acted too much on his emotions, not enough on logic, and would get into frequent disagreements with the squad's leader, Bhindi Drayson. Scut revealed all this to saBinring himself following Drayson's death on Vandor-3.

On Kuratooine, the world where Wraith Squadron would ultimately bring General Thaal to justice, Scut resolved his issues with saBinring, who, by then, had assumed command of the squadron, much to Scut's chagrin, after the Yuuzhan Vong revealed to the Gamorrean that he had actually looked up to him as an idol after he saved Mulus Cheems, the man who would raise him, with the previous Wraith Squadron back in 13 ABY. SaBinring, after getting over his own personal issues that were rooted in his mercy kill of his friend Hohass "Runt" Ekwesh back in 29 ABY, finally came to accept Scut as a member of Wraith Squadron.

Scut would help play a vital role in the capture of Thaal; he had called in Dr. Cheems to help fashion fake crystals that would lure Thaal over to Kuratooine because of his greed, and Scut himself also fashioned an entire neoglith bodysuit for fellow Wraith member, Turman Durra, that disguised him as a member of a fictitious species native to Kuratooine, which helped convince Thaal that the non-existent valuables, which would be provided by the fake species, would benefit him greatly. By the end of the operation, Thaal had been arrested for being an impostor of himself on account of having his own genetic makeup altered for his retirement.

Prior to the arrest of Thaal, Scut revealed to saBinring that his name, Viull Gorsat, was not actually his true name, but rather a name that he himself adopted, as it was deemed a proud name among the Yuuzhan Vong culture.


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