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"So happy I got to draw her and some other amazing characters in the book, this project was an absolute joy to be a part of."
―Viv Tanner, on drawing Satine Kryze and other characters for Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy[src]

Viv Tanner is a Swiss illustrator and animator. They depicted the characters Lyra Erso, mother of Jyn Erso; Amilyn Holdo, politician and military commander; Satine Kryze, Duchess of Mandalore; and Qi'ra, Crimson Dawn Lieutenant for the 2018 reference book Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy.


Viv Tanner is a Swiss illustrator and animator.[1] They contributed four illustrations to Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy, a 2018 reference book by Amy Ratcliffe highlighting female characters in the Star Wars universe with artwork by female and non-binary artists.[2]

For art featuring Lyra Erso,[2] mother of rebel Jyn Erso,[3] Tanner adapted a scene[2] from the 2016 Anthology Series film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[3] In the illustration, Lyra Erso gives a kyber crystal pendant to her young daughter.[2] The book's section[2] on politician[4] and military commander[5] Amilyn Holdo features an illustration by Tanner depicting Holdo in her adolescence. Within the image, a green-haired and colorfully clothed Holdo stands among a crowd dressed in white.[2]

Viv Tanner's illustration of Qi'ra

The Mandalorian Duchess[6] Satine Kryze was depicted by Tanner as sitting in her throne room during nighttime. The Duchess is shown looking downward, clutching her chest with one hand as white flowers fall out of the other.[2] Of all their illustrations for Women of the Galaxy, Tanner only publicly commented on their depiction of Kryze, noting that they were especially happy to have illustrated her.[7]

Tanner's fourth illustration depicts Crimson Dawn Lieutenant[8] Qi'ra standing alone aboard[2] the Nau'ur-class yacht[9] First Light. In the scene, Qi'ra wears a black dress[2] originating from her appearance in the 2018 Anthology Series film, Solo: A Star Wars Story.[8]

Published works[]

Year Title Contribution Notes
2018 Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy Illustrations Depictions of Lyra Erso, Amilyn Holdo, Satine Kryze, and Qi'ra[2]


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