Vivant served as first officer[2] and later commander of the Imperial Star Destroyer Steadfast.[1] He was first officer under Grand Admiral Afsheen Makati[2] from as early as 1 BBY,[source?] and served during an investigation into a Rebel base on Thila. The Steadfast was assisted by Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side Kadann during the investigation, and Kadann overheard Vivant mocking his extravagant attire. Kadann admonished Makati for his first officer's insubordination, embarrassing the Grand Admiral in front on his crew.[2]

Vivant eventually became commander of the Steadfast at some point after Makati's death, and the ship was part of Carnor Jax's battle fleet in 11 ABY. Vivant brought the Steadfast to assist the Emperor's Revenge in bombarding the New Republic forces on Phaeda. However, Vivant was forced to surrender upon the arrival of Rogue Squadron and – more impressively – the Lusankya.[1]

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"Vivant" is French for "alive" or "living".

In an early draft of Who's Who: Imperial Grand Admirals originally set to be published in Star Wars Gamer, Vivant is named as the Steadfast's first officer during the ship's time under Grand Admiral Afsheen Makati. However, Gamer was canceled and the article was redrafted to appear in Star Wars Insider. In the final draft, Vivant is not referred to by name, but mention of the ship's first officer and the events which occurred in the earlier draft still, albeit with less detail.[3][4]



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