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"Vixus is ready to move, but I expect the rebel troop transport will flee as soon as insertion is complete…"
―Tabor Seitaron, to Verge[src]

Vixus Squadron was an elite TIE/IN interceptor squadron in the Galactic Empire's navy during the Galactic Civil War. The squadron was deployed by Prelate Verge and Captain Tabor Seitaron to in an effort to ambush the Rebel Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry. Initially hidden near the planet Sullust, Vixus Squadron later moved to the world after troops of the 61st were deployed there, hiding behind Sullust's moon for when the rebel company's vessels went to pick their soldiers up. When its targets arrived, the squadron ambushed the starships, shooting down the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike and forcing its escorts to flee.


"Bring the prelate to the bridge and get me a tactical feed. I'll need a channel to Vixus Squadron, as well."
―Tabor Seitaron, to the Herald's bridge crew[src]

Operating under the Galactic Empire, Vixus Squadron was an elite unit[2] comprising of TIE/IN interceptors[1] which was considered to have some of the very best TIE fighter pilots.[2] The squadron shared its name with the Vixus, a creature native to the[3] planet[4] Umbara.[3]


"I'll have Vixus move to Sullust and prepare for the Thunderstrike's return. It might be wise to contact Sullust ground forces and ensure the rebel company isn't entirely obliterated."
―Tabor Seitaron, to Verge[src]

Vixus Squadron served the Galactic Empire's navy during the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.[1] In 3 ABY,[5] the Imperial Prelate Verge had multiple TIE interceptor squadrons positioned near a number of worlds along the Rimma Trade Route which he and Captain Tabor Seitaron believed would be targeted by the Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry, Vixus Squadron being positioned near manufacturing planet Sullust. The 61st indeed targeted Sullust, deploying its troops on the planet to take the Inyusu Tor mineral processing facility before its starships parted from the world while the ground battle took place.[1]

With the 61st's vessels reported at Sullust, Seitaron, aboard[1] the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer[6] Herald, had the bridge crew open a channel with Vixus Squadron for him. The interceptor squadron, already prepared to move, was travelling to Sullust within an hour. When arriving at Sullust, Vixus Squadron hid behind the nearby moon in wait for the 61st's troop carrier, the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike, and its escorts to return for the rebel company.[1]

Vixus Squadron ambushed the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise (pictured), shooting down the former vessel.

The Thunderstrike and its escorts—the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise and two X-wing starfighters—soon returned to Sullust to retrieve the 61st troops. With a heavy local TIE fighter presence, the corvette was planned to fly in low towards the planet's surface to deploy dropships for the 61st while the Promise and the X-wings helped fend off the TIE fighters. Once the Thunderstrike entered the atmosphere, Vixus Squadron sprung from behind the moon and intercepted the corvette. The Thunderstrike engaged the TIE interceptors but became too damaged and crashed onto the surface of Sullust, the Apailana's Promise fleeing with the X-wings.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Vixus Squadron first appeared in Alexander Freed's 2015 novel, Battlefront: Twilight Company. While the novel specifies that the squadron was comprised of TIE interceptors,[1] Star Wars: Battles that Changed the Galaxy, a 2021 reference book written by Jason Fry, Cole Horton, Chris Kempshall and Amy Ratcliffe, indirectly mentions Vixus Squadron as a TIE fighter squadron.[7] This article uses the information from Battlefront: Twilight Company.



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