Vlaydm Churhee was the founder of the mercenary organization known as Churhee's Riflemen.


Vlaydm Churhee modeled the unit on the standard fully augmented Imperial scout company, emphasizing speed and accuracy; every trooper was considered a sharpshooter. His unit became extremely powerful, able to dominate a large area of ground with only a small number of troops.[2]

Churhee worked primarily for the Galactic Empire, but frequently broke contracts when offered a higher price. Despite their lethal ability, this capriciousness fostered the impression in the Imperials that the Riflemen were expendable. This attitude produced drastic consequences for the Riflemen, and for Churhee more personally. While on a mission on the planet Y'Trella, the Imperials provided inadequate backup and the Riflemen sustained heavy casualties. Among these was Churhee himself.[2]

Despite the death of their founder, the Riflemen recovered under the leadership of Churhee's widow Maydla Churhee, who later affiliated the unit with the Rebel Alliance.[2]


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