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Voca was a Human male clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett. Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, Voca served as a Stormtrooper commander in the 501st Legion, by then under the command of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Shortly after the disappearance of Admiral Garoche Tarkin, the son of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Voca accompanied the Sith and two battalions of the 501st on a mission to locate Tarkin's missing son. During the mission he wore a set of Katarn-class armor distinguished with blue markings. Ultimately, Darth Vader was the only one who survived the assignment; Voca and his stormtroopers were ultimately killed by Atoan insurgents as a result of the treachery of Captain Shale, an Imperial officer who secretly supported Atoa against the New Order of Emperor Palpatine.


Skirmish on AtoaEdit

"Movement up ahead, Lord Vader. Scanning a few hundred armed soldiers holding the city… and a scouting party headed our way."
"Cut them down."
―Commander Voca and Darth Vader[src]

Following a botched assignment to hunt down insurgents in the Ghost Nebula, the Imperial Navy lost contact with an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer under the command of Admiral Garoche Tarkin, son of then-Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. In response, Emperor Palpatine commanded his Sith apprentice Darth Vader to find and retrieve the lost admiral with the assistance of the 501st Legion and Captain Shale. Thus, Commander Voca was assigned to serve at Vader's side with a detachment of two battalions of stormtroopers from the 501st.[3]

After traveling to the Ghost Nebula, Vader and his Imperials landed on Atoa, a planet that the Galactic Empire possessed little intelligence on. Upon discovering a city not far from the area where they landed, Commander Voca reported to Vader that the settlement possessed at least a few hundred armed soldiers and that a scouting party was approaching the Imperials' position. Vader merely responded by ordering the commander to have the 501st wipe out the scouts; Voca complied without hesitation.[3]

With brutal and merciless efficiency, the 501st stormtroopers immediately began overwhelming the city's defenders by sheer force of military power, including the firepower of AT-STs and AT-TEs. Commander Voca remained by Vader's side as the Sith Lord participated in the fighting. As the Imperials penetrated deeper into the city, Voca informed Vader that the enemy soldiers were retreating into a watchtower, to which Vader was pleased to learn as he intended to trap them in one location. At that moment however, a lone soldier began shooting at Vader, Voca and the stormtroopers from high ground. Despite having a brief advantage, the soldier was knocked unconscious from behind by Captain Shale. With most of the enemy neutralized, Voca and his troops converged on the watchtower alongside Vader and Shale.[3]

Atoa attack

Voca's 501st Legion stormtroopers open fire on Atoa.

After analyzing the watchtower's defenses, which included snipers and heavy artillery, it was clear that the Imperials were at a tactical disadvantage. Voca suggested that a walker could effortlessly save them the trouble of destroying the tower, but Vader rejected the idea in favor of capturing the remaining enemy units alive, but only for the purpose of interrogation. While Captain Shale and his troopers covertly climbed up the tower, Vader used the Force to surround the tower in a snowstorm, thus blinding the snipers. Although suffering light casualties in the overall engagement, the plan was a success and the tower was taken; the last of the city's soldiers were captured while the rest were dead. Following Vader's order to the letter, Commander Voca had his stormtroopers secure the tower and escorted remaining enemy soldiers to a river located outside of the city.[3]

As the captured soldiers knelt down in submission on the bank of the river, Darth Vader demanded that they reveal the location of Admiral Tarkin, or die for failing to do so. The interrogation yielded no relevant information to Vader's assignment, however. As a result, Vader ordered Commander Voca and his stormtroopers to sweep the area a second time and to execute anyone in the city who was old enough to wield firearms, all before burning the city to the ground. Having no personal objections to his new orders, Voca merely asked the Sith Lord as to what should be done with the prisoners, to which Vader ordered that they be drowned in the freezing river.[3]

Before Voca could carry out any of his orders, however, a boat containing white-robed figures approached the Imperials via the river. The commander raised his weapon to open fire on the mysterious beings, but was ordered by Vader to stand down. A female disembarked from the boat and identified herself as Lady Saro, the High Priestess of Atoa, promising to help Vader and his Imperials in locating whatever they were seeking.[3]

Ambushed in SpaceEdit

"Look at the damage…those explosions came from within the destroyer."
―Commander Voca, analyzing the damage sustained by the wreckage of Admiral Tarkin's Star Destroyer[src]

Shortly after Darth Vader worked out a compromise with Lady Saro in order to utilize her aid in the search for Admiral Tarkin, the Atoan priestess revealed the location of Tarkin's missing Star Destroyer. Accompanied by a squadron of Imperial V-wing starfighters, Commander Voca aided Darth Vader and Captain Shale in searching the Star Destroyer's wreckage in outer space.[4]

Based on the massive damage to Tarkin's warship, Voca concluded that the explosions had to have occurred from within the vessel, thus indicating that sabotage resulted in the Star Destroyer's destruction. Before his analysis could be given any further thought, however, the Imperials were caught unawares by a surprise attack by Atoan starfighters, which were able to successfully hide in the debris field since the Imperials neglected to thoroughly sweep the entire area. Although initially caught off guard, Voca and the clones succeeded in repelling the Atoans with the aid of Vader and Shale while only sustaining light casualties.[4]

After the brief skirmish, Commander Voca discussed strategy with Captain Shale and Lady Saro while aboard Vader's Star Destroyer. While analyzing an world where Garoche Tarkin was believed to be held prisoner, Voca felt that aground assault would be too costly due to the planet's global-spanning oceans of hot tar pits. Thus, the clone recommended that they dispatch a recon mission in order to scout the terrain, but Vader rejected the plan and ordered his forces to immediately launch an invasion. Voca obediently obeyed Vader's order to prepare the AT-AT Walkers and ground forces as a distraction for the insurgents so that Vader and Shale could personally lead a stealth attack.[4] Despite successfully annihilating the insurgents, albeit at the cost of a few Imperial Walkers and several clone squads, Vader and Shale failed to locate Garoche Tarkin. The missing admiral was not held prisoner by the Atoans as they originally believed, thus causing Vader to suspect that Moff Tarkin's son was a traitor to the Empire.[5]


"It's a mutiny, Lord Vader! They've executed all of the officers and locked down the communications array."
"None of that matters now, Commander Voca. Gather your men and follow me.
―Commander Voca and Darth Vader[src]
Voca mutiny

Commander Voca and his stormtroopers under attack by Captain Shale's mutinous Storm Commandos.

Without warning, Captain Shale and his storm commandos betrayed their comrades and attacked all of the officers and clones that remained loyal to Darth Vader. Throughout the Dark Lord's Star Destroyer, the 501st stormtroopers were taken by complete surprise as their fellow clones opened fire on them. Although none of the officers survived the mutiny, Commander Voca and a few stormtroopers managed to hold their ground but were pinned down by storm commandos that held the high ground. The tide quickly turned in their favor when Darth Vader arrived. Seizing advantage of the opportunity, Voca and his men aided the Sith Lord in killing the treacherous clones. Gathering the remaining clones of the 501st Legion, Commander Voca and his troops accompanied Lord Vader on a hunt for the traitors—including Captain Shale.[2]

But due to Shale's subterfuge, massive explosions suddenly went off throughout the Star Destroyer, thus causing massive damages to the entire vessel in a manner exactly the same to the damage on Admiral Tarkin's warship. Before heading to the hangar to escape the doomed destroyer, Vader and Voca tried to retrieve Lady Saro, only to see that Shale had already taken the priestess off of the starship. After hunting down and killing the remaining storm commandos, Voca and his soldiers escaped the Star Destroyer just in time by boarding a Nu-class attack shuttle piloted by Darth Vader.[2]

The explosion caused significant damage to the attack shuttle, causing the vessel to crash-land on a planet located at the heart of the Ghost Nebula. Although Vader, Voca and eight stormtroopers emerged relatively unscathed, the rest of Voca's squad perished in the crash. In pursuit of the traitor Shale on foot, Voca and the rest of the clones followed Vader until they found the rest of Shale's storm commandos, all of whom were apparently executed. At that moment, Atoan insurgents opened fire on the Imperials. Vader ordered Voca and the rest of the 501st while he personally dealt with the ambushers.[2]

While Darth Vader held his own against the enemy, Commander Voca and his men did not fare so well. Outnumbered and outgunned, the clones retreated deeper into the ravine to escape the Atoans who held the high ground. But their escape route was cut off by a group of Atoans led by the former Captain Shale. At that moment, it became apparent that Shale had switched sides and betrayed the Empire for the Atoans. Shale halfheartedly apologized to Commander Voca before his men opened fire on the clones, thus killing Voca and the last remaining stormtroopers that accompanied Vader on the mission. Moments later, Darth Vader was overwhelmed and captured by the insurgents, all of whom turned out to be under the command of Shale, Lady Saro and Garoche Tarkin.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Darth Vader: "Sweep the area again. Execute anyone old enough to hold a weapon. Then burn the city."
Voca: "And these prisoners?"
Darth Vader: "Drown them."
―Darth Vader and Commander Voca[src]
Voca vader fighting

Voca loyally assists his Master in battle.

Like his fellow clones, Commander Voca was bred to be a soldier with absolute loyalty, the likes of which override emotional sentiment and morality. As a stormtrooper in the service of the Imperial 501st Legion, Voca was an effective soldier committed to strict obedience and brutal efficiency, especially when bringing the military might of the Galactic Empire down on its enemies. As far as emotions go, Voca was indifferent to Darth Vader's brutal tactics; the content of his orders did not matter as much as simply obeying them did. No different than the vast majority of Fett clones that went on to serve the Empire, Voca had no sense of empathy or moral comprehension, thus enabling him to accept orders that entailed brute military force and the execution of disarmed prisoners.[3]

As a tactician, Voca had skill in analyzing the environment for potential hostiles and brainstorming advantages to help win a battle. Rather than sacrifice Imperial lives needlessly, he knew that an Imperial Walker would save his forces a lot of trouble and casualties in destroying a tower held by enemy units. When his idea was rejected by Vader in favor of the more direct approach, Voca did not question the Sith Lord, again due to his conditioning as a totally obedient soldier who complied without hesitation or defiance.[3]


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