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"You sound strange. Is something wrong with your vocabulator?"
―A BX-series droid commando, to Clone Captain "Rex" while the captain was pretending to be a commando droid — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

A vocabulator,[1] also known as a vocoder,[2] was a device that synthesized voice[1] to allow droids to speak. They could also be used in helmets.[3]

Utility droids typically had simple vocabulators, only capable of speaking binary, which consisted of beeps, hums and whistles strung together into sentences. Others were fitted with more complex units that could mimic the language of almost any organic species.[4]

Translating vocoders could translate spoken words in real time. They were utilized by members of the New Republic Senate to translate their speech into Galactic Basic.[5]

Members of some species wore vocoder masks on a daily basis.[6]

Kylo Ren's helmet included a built-in vocoder which modulated his voice. Phasma's armor also employed a vocoder.[3]

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In theory, vocabulators appear in any work that has a speaking droid. The list below includes only works specifically mentioning a vocabulator or vocoder.


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