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"What an odd sensation. It will take some getting used to."
Obi-Wan Kenobi after swallowing the Vocal Emulator[src]

A vocal emulator was a small recording device used to imitate another being's voice.



A vocal emulator, with legs extended, in the palm of Mace Windu

The vocal emulator was rare piece of technology designed for covert operations. Constructed of an expensive scanner-resistant composite material, it was mainly used by spies or intelligence agents to alter their voice to match that of a sample subject. Spherical in shape, the device would record a sample of an individual's voice, then analyze such things as pitch, frequency, intonation and inflection to perfectly duplicate the vocal pattern of the subject. Once this was accomplished, tentacle-like limbs would extend from the sphere to help the spy swallow the device. The emulator would affix to the wearer's larynx and through electromyostimulation transmitted through the tentacles, the wearer's larynx would be reshaped to duplicate the recorded voice.[1]



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