Vocatara was an individual who served in the Army of the Galactic Republic as a rocket-jumper sometime before the year 4800 BBY. By then, Vocatara led the Republic as a Supreme Chancellor, at which time the Gank species had begun exterminating other species in a conflict that came to be known as the Gank Massacres. In response to the conflict, Vocatara commissioned the creation of the juggernaut war droids to assist Republic forces and the Jedi Knights with the defeat of the Ganks.


As a Republic rocket-jumper, the individual known as Vocatara served as one of the jetpack-equipped elite soldiers of the Republic Army.[2] Vocatara received many decorations while with the rocket-jumpers.[3] Like several other members of the rocket-jumpers, Vocatara went on to serve the Republic as a politician.[2] By the year 4800 BBY, Vocatara led the Republic as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Senate. At that time, while Vocatara was in office,[1] a species known as the Ganks had begun exterminating other species after they had been hired by the Neimoidian species to deal with the Porporites, a species that had gone into a homicidal frenzy after becoming addicted to the drug known as ryll.[4]

In response to the Gank threat, which later became known as the Gank Massacres, Chancellor Vocatara quickly ordered the commissioning of the first juggernaut war droids[1] to assist Republic forces and the Force-sensitive peacekeepers known as the Jedi Knights in their fight against the Ganks.[5] By the year 4775 BBY, the conflict had ended, but Vocatara's commissioning of the juggernaut war droids later harmed the Republic when the droids went rogue on the Republic's capital planet of Coruscant during the Great Droid Revolution in 4015 BBY.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Before becoming a politician, Vocatara was skilled enough as a soldier to be a member of the elite Republic rocket-jumpers, which required knowledge in the use of jetpacks.[2] During the Gank Massacres, Vocatara was forced to commission the juggernaut war droids,[4] which he performed quickly in order provide aid to Republic forces.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Vocatara was first mentioned in the juggernaut war droid entry in The New Essential Guide to Droids, a 2006 reference book written by Daniel Wallace.[1] In 2008, Vocatara received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia[5] and was also mentioned in entries for the Gank Massacres[6] and the juggernaut war droid.[7] Vocatara was later established to have been a member of the Republic rocket-jumpers in Galaxy at War, a 2009 Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game sourcebook written by Rodney Thompson, Gary Astleford, Eric Cagle, and Wallace.[2] Chancellor Vocatara was later mentioned in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a 2011 MMORPG produced by BioWare, as part of a codex entry for a datacron containing information about the Gank Massacres.[4] A section on the rocket-jumpers mentioning Vocatara was written by Jason Fry for The Essential Guide to Warfare, a reference book released in 2012, although Fry ultimately cut the section from the book. In 2014, the section was released on the Star Wars Blog in the fourth part of a series on cut content from The Essential Guide to Warfare written by Fry and Erich Schoeneweiss.[3] However, none of the sources have revealed Vocatara's species or gender.



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