Vodokrene was a product that was packaged into cases. The Ho'Din proprietor of a tapcafe in Drev'starn, the capital city of the Bothan homeworld Bothawui, stored several cases of vodokrene in his storage subbasement.[1]

The Ho'Din's tapcafe was located two blocks from Bothawui's planetary shield generator and on top of an underground conduit carrying power cables to the facility.[2] For this reason, Klif and Drend Navett, two Imperial saboteurs, dug through the subbasement floor in 19 ABY, in order to sabotage the planetary shields. When not working, they hid their equipment behind stacks of vodokrene cases. Returning to their work after a brief interruption, Navett discovered that a comlink had been added to their equipment behind the vodokrene stacks, left by a New Republic agent who wanted to spook the pair.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Timothy Zahn created vodokrene for his novel Vision of the Future, published in 1998. No indication is given as to what vodokrene is.


Notes and referencesEdit

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