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"The Master walks in dreams. This you know, Kell Douro. What you achieve only when feeding, he achieves at will. Past, present, and future are as one to him. Therefore, I am his voice while he sleeps. This, too, you know."
Darth Wyyrlok I[src]

In the One Sith Order, whenever Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt went into stasis, various Chagrian Sith Lords, each bearing in turn the name of Darth Wyyrlok, would act as his "voice" and commanded in his stead. By 137 ABY, Darth Wyyrlok III assumed control of the One Sith as regent, and acted as Galactic Emperor in Krayt's place, after killing the Dark Lord on Had Abbadon.

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Based on a statement by Darth Wyyrlok in the thirty-fourth issue of the Star Wars: Legacy series, it is unknown whether "voice" is meant as title, or whether he was simply stating that he spoke for Krayt.

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