Void Demon Pirate Base

Void Demons pirate base scheme

The Void Demon pirate base, built by the pirate group the Void Demons, was the only permanent settlement on the moon Isen IV. It was designed to be hard to find and easy to defend. The difficulty of navigating the asteroid belts of the Isen system helped protect the base from exploring starships and wandering tramp freighters. The base's computer systems contained a complete log of every asteroid and meteor in the system that was constantly updated by miniature mobile sensors scattered throughout the system. The base's personnel complement included forty-seven starfighter pilots, 320 boarding troops, twenty-three administrative personnel, and 140 droids. In addition, the base was equipped with twelve starfighter bays, one landing deck, and thirty-six starfighters of various types, along with the added protection of eight laser cannons and three turbolaser batteries.


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